Casa Celestina

Casa Celestina estate is located in the Natural Park of the Partenio at the foot of Montevergine, in the municipality of Sant'Angelo in Scala, in the province of Avellino (Campania), at a height of 450 meters above sea level on average mountain. Access to the property, completely fenced via an electric gate is welcomed by the owners who live all year around the location, always present and available for every need. Casa Celestina estate is designed and suitable for all those who, living in the city's, loves and want to carve out a space of time in places in contact with nature, animals and fresh clean air in a bucolic context such as our estate.

For this reason, we have the characteristics wooden chalet, completely green, with the hills and countryside typical taste but at the same time with all the comforts that the modern era allows us, welcoming and warms as a nest, each with its own dedicated space and in complete privacy (you can park with your car inside or next to the chalet) with a different view of the estate and set for your autonomy. While not offering RESTAURANTS SERVICE, Chalets are all equipped with modern and functional kitchens as well as the chance to make outdoor barbecues with the appropriate equipment; Alternatively we can recommend and book for you the best local restaurants.

We have recently realized an original octagonal wooden structure with large windows where you can enjoy a real AGRISPA (Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and more) that we called OASYS CATHARSIS to enhance the well-being and relaxation of our guests who will enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, admiring the surrounding panorama from the windows, will almost seem to be outdoors while enjoying the warmth inside; An effect of great emotional impact !

Casa Celestina was born as a small farm, which produces mainly grape wine, organic extra virgin olive oil and high quality hazelnuts, fruits and vegetables. We select the best grapes to get a good ananian red wine that you can taste during your stay. The olives are biologically grown from the same, we extract excellent cold extra-virgin olive oil as it was old and unfiltered. Our area is famous for the production of high quality hazelnuts and we aspire to keep the quality of our production high. We also add only to ecological and pleasure purpose, plucked like geese ducks and hens in a natural habitat, our intention is to bring these animals, which are now bred industrially, to their origins, so that they resume to mate and lay down a well-being index the animal. By doing so, we have already got the hens of chickens accustomed to intensive breeding and we propose to select in time an increasingly wild and self-sufficient breed on the level of reproduction and their lifestyle. Lately, our geese, animals that are hard to reproduce in captivity, have started mating and eating, indicating that the experiment is giving good fruit. All our guests will be able to admire and enjoy their presence and sometimes, when we have excess production, taste the fresh eggs.

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